Our Firm

Welcome to the home of Colmekill Inc. 

As a leading global investment banking firm, we provide a wide range of financial services to a diverse base of clients, including governments, corporations and individuals. 

The firm, founded in 1919 by Arthur Colmekill, has been fostered over the decades by the family’s succeeding generations, represented today in our beloved CEO Duncan Colmekill. 

Due to the firm’s history, we hold family values and the importance of the natural order at the heart of our enterprises. The attitudes and expectations enshrined in our Guiding Principles have ensured the endurance of this legacy over the past century.

Though the firm’s feet stand firmly in its history, our hands are cutting the tools of today. At the forefront of investment technology, Colmekill continues to upgrade its infamous company software: it is a longstanding joke in corporate circles that our powers of market forecasting are supernatural.

The sense of tradition may be strong at the firm, but our status as global ‘leaders’ is secured only by employing the latest techniques and connections within investment networks. 

Rest assured, we take only the most ambitious workers into our ranks – the safety and success of the clients’ investment comes above all else.

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