Colmekill Internship Scheme

The Colmekill Intership Scheme is the firm’s main internal employment stream. Acting as a bridge between our established graduate networks and the main body of our employment hierarchy, the Internship Scheme aims to attract the most aspiring, proactive workers of their generations to the prospect of a career within our corporation through the provision of our globally unmatched resources and opportunities. With a direct line to our senior leadership team, participators in the programme are put through a rigorous period of training, on the firm floor from Day 1, and acclimatised to our work ethos based on our Guiding Principles. Former graduates from the Internship Scheme populate our core leadership ranks, including Macbeth, Banquo and Macduff – see their profiles for more personal information.

Could you be the next of our best and brightest? Contact us for more application information.

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