Meet Our People

We still believe, as our founder promised that ‘signs of nobleness, like stars, shall shine on all deservers.’ Our team not only shine for themselves, but as a beacon for our high standards across market economics.

Here are some of our best and brightest.


“They don’t call him ‘The King’ for nothing” Darius Grayer, 2003

Being both CEO and Chairman of Colmekill Inc., his influence is felt within all departments, from FOIBS to BOIBS (Back Office Investment Bank Services).

His portfolio contains a wide variety of clients; including business titans, such as Alphabet Inc. and Oracle Corp., as well as the local businesses of his home town, who entrust him with their money to this day.

When not dominating the stock markets, Duncan is a regular family man, often spending time with his son Malcolm and daughter Donalbain. Having inherited their father’s ambition, they hope to continue his legacy onto the next generation. Through 25 years of hard work, Duncan ‘The King’ has become one the greatest financial minds of the modern age, and has placed himself firmly within the ruling class of investment banking.


Malcolm of Colmekill has been acting as a Non-Executive Director for three years, with his main focus revolving around the acquisition and marketing of new clientele.

He received an undergraduate degree at Stanford University and later earned master’s degrees from University College, Oxford and Columbia University’s Mailman School of public Health, and a Doctor of Philosophy in international relations from the University of Oxford. He spent a short time at Credit Suisse to help further develop his knowledge of the financial services market outside the family business.

Last year, Malcolm set up his own charitable foundation, the purpose of which is still currently being decided upon. In his spare time he often enjoys skiing in Austria, backpacking in the Andes, yachting around the Indian ocean and paddle-boarding in Devon.  


Donalbain is company founder Duncan’s daughter, and Non-executive director alongside her older brother Malcolm. Having graduated from Yale School of Management in 2017, she took a year out to travel in Europe, particularly enjoying Italy. Following a couple of unlucky romances in Verona, she’s ready and excited to be back in New York and getting involved in the family business. She is currently enjoying shadowing in various departments and getting a sense of the variety of operations at the company. She also loves a good power suit so is enjoying having the chance to wear them every day!

In her spare time, Donalbain loves to watch foreign language films and is determined not to lose her Italian now she’s back in the states. She has recently taken up running as a hobby and loves to forget the stress of the business world and lose herself in the endless New York streets. Her other passion is her gorgeous Maine Coon cat, Sylvie, a gift from Duncan on her joining the company.


Macbeth, Board member and part of the senior management team at Colmekill Inc. investment banking.

Having attended two of the world’s top universities Macbeth joined Colmekill 4 years ago as a regional manager. Over that time, he has risen through the company becoming the youngest ever COO of the company. He regularly achieves the highest success rate within the company, helping to propel Colmekill to be at the forefront of the investment world.

He is a man of simple pleasures and so spends much of his spare time at home with his wife and dogs. He describes his friends as his family and he enjoys nothing more than having relaxing dinners and debates of an evening with them, alongside a few bottles of wine of course. Fitness and sport are fundamental to his life and if he is not in the gym he can often be found hiking or on the golf course.

He also spends time giving back to local communities, helping to fund new educational and sports facilities for schools. Alongside this he provides a mentoring scheme for young prospective students offering a scholarship scheme to support them through university or with private ventures.


I am the CEO of Asset and Wealth Management. Essentially, my role is worrying about money so you don’t have to!

My background is in corporate finance and regulation, but recently I have made the transition to more individual-client work. Whilst at university studying finance and economics I looked at the relationship between state and corporate responsibilities, and I now adopt this holistic approach to real-life business scenarios. Throughout all aspects of my work, I want actors to achieve their full potential and if myself or any member of my team can help in that respect, we’ve done our job.

In my spare time, I enjoy sailing, hiking and being outdoors with my son.


Macduff started at Colmekill Inc as an undergraduate intern through the Donald Blain scholarship program. After giving a standout performance Macduff was hired and worked with the company for a few years. After a brief hiatus at Stanford to earn an MBA, Macduff returned to Colmekill and has been a loyal leader in the company ever since.  Macduff believes wholeheartedly in the culture of Colmekill Inc and its ability to change the world for the better one investment at a time.

As the CEO of Commercial Banking Macduff maintains and creates investment banking relationships and ensures optimal sells to all the customers. Macduff is also in charge of continuous enhancement of the breadth and depth of product lines for the unit to achieve and sustain competitive positioning in the target markets.

Outside of these duties, Macduff heads the internship mentoring program as well as serving as a member on the international outreach task force for the company. Macduff is also a founding member of FLYWITHUS, a charity which teaches underprivileged kids leadership skills through falconry. When not working Macduff enjoys spending time with family and getting out of the city to the family home on the coast.


Angus is the Company Secretary at Colmekill Inc. She provides guidance to her senior colleagues regarding their responsibilities in the company, and also helps to ensure that the company is run smoothly and efficiently. She is in charge of the day to day administration such as organising meetings and preparing schedules, and ensuring all rules and regulations are followed by the company.

Having studied company law, graduating with honours, Angus worked in a smaller private organisation as a Deputy Company Secretary before taking on this role in Colmekill Inc.

She is on the board of her father’s charity, which aims to bring food to the underprivileged boroughs of New York. In her spare time, Angus likes to play tennis and attend antique car shows. She aims to be featured in TIME’s most influential women in business by the time she is 30.  


Marcus Lennox currently serves as Chief Auditor for Colmekill Inc. His role is to be the head of our auditing services, both internal and external, determining any impropriety or inefficiency within the system and snipping it out as soon as he finds it.

After graduating from Cambridge with an MFin, he began working as an independent auditor for the Mississippi agricultural board, before being hired to the auditing team of Alphabet City investments, a small firm working out of lower Manhattan. After having led the team the for 3 years, he moved around from firm to firm, becoming chief auditor at R. Byron and Sons and Fandango Investments before being hired at Colmekill.

In his spare time Lennox likes to fish, box, and raise horses with his wife and two daughters. He also writes books for children, having started with stories told for his girls. He has such published works as My New Cushion Friend, The Girls Take Over the Classroom, and The Texas Bandits.


Menteith is chief information officer for Colmekill Inc. She is responsible for providing the global communications, technological innovations and security infrastructure that enables Colmekill’s internal business operations.She routinely shares her insights in optimizing business results with technology and developing world-class global teams.

Prior to joining Colmekill in 1978, Menteith was senior vice president and chief information officer of Perthshire Systems. She holds a BSM from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Stanford University.

Menteith supports the innovation, technology, and science community by serving as a trustee of the New York Technology Council and is an independent board member of IBM Informix Inc and Adobe Inc.


Here at Colmekill, the Thane of Ross is our Chief Risk Officer, and works to manage and assess potential threats to our business (and your investments).

Graduating from Brown University with a degree in Communications, Ross briefly worked in journalism before completing her MBA at Yale. She joined Colmekill Inc. as an intern, and used her networking talents to rise quickly through our ranks.  

An aerobics class fanatic, Ross also enjoys fine dining and John Hughes movies.  Ross lives in Manhattan, with her two beloved cats.

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