What We Do

We ‘can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not’.

History, name, tradition, and reputation are all essential attributes for an investment bank and all qualities you will find in abundance at Colmekill Incorporated. As we approach our 100th anniversary, the substantial number of years we have spent as leaders in the financial markets we have the connections, partnerships, and knowledge at our fingertips to attract top tier clients and investors.

How we are organised:

Our global reach provides us with the opportunity to serve the strategic and financing needs of our clients across all the globe. We provide a world-leading range of products and services to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

Our firm is a longstanding market leader in M&A advice. We advise clients on all aspects of their deal, covering issues such as the timing of the deal, how to structure their deal, regulation and due diligence advice, and publicity of the deal.    

Proprietary Trading   

Our strong teams of skilled traders analyse and influence the market, betting on aspects of the market such as currencies, bonds, and commodities. We only employ the best traders in the business for these roles, and this is evidenced by our continued success and significant profit.   

Market Making

Colmekill Incorporated is a renowned leader in the financial markets and this is evidenced through our actions as highly influential market makers. Our global outlook places us in a unique position to gain a broad overview and understanding of complex and intersecting international markets.   

Corporate Events and New Issues

We support our clients in their new business endeavours, helping them to raise new funds through corporate events and new issues. We also aid our clients in planning the timing of these ventures, how to market and publicise their new shares, advising on pricing, and underwriting. We pride ourselves at Colmekill in offering top-quality assistance to all our clients at all times.   

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